Dumb Teen Acoustics

by Ellie Aguirre

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It took a long time to finish. Recorded entirely on my phone. Hopefully other people enjoy it.


released January 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Ellie Aguirre Dallas, Texas

Makes acoustic sounds because of lack of know how and equipment
If you wanna contact me I am always up for open criticism and the like.

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Track Name: Conflicted Confused (the break up)
Fuck off and die
You made her cry
This isn't some tv high school

Where girls tell white lies
Boys never cry
And you're the definition of cool

Fuck off and die
Where is your pride?
Frontman of 3 amazing bands
Soon enough
It's sad that you never put your trust in me
Sad I fell so easily for you
I always do

I sobbed 12 hours the first day
You took yourself away from me

My eyes
Have never been more red and puffy
Than today

Fuck off, don't cry
Why did you lie to me?

You think you know what's best? (You don't)
Don't think I won't go down without protest, (I won't)

How could you be
So godawful mean
To me?
Track Name: Miscarriage
I thought I was pregnant
Appears that I'm not
A child just isn't something I've got

Thought I was pregnant
Healthy food for thought
Slowly ticking on this biological clock

A surrogate mother is all that we need
A vial of semen
Some of that seed
I dunno if it's you or if it's me that isn't working

Life just won't cling
Life just won't cling

Thought I was pregnant
A little baby hiding inside
Love making hitting its stride
But a bloody mess is all that's left of our pride

It's our third try for a baby
A little bundle of joy
Thought he'd grow this time maybe
A sweet baby boy

Why can't they stay?
Keep my insides from rotting away
Life just won't cling
Failure stings
Now I'm stuck with sad lullabies to sing.

I thought I was pregnant.
I know that I'm not.
A child is something I haven't got.
Track Name: Funeral Song
I saw you leaving the building when my mother disconnected the defibrillator
And my chest stopped rising
Your footsteps echoed down the corridor

Will you show up to the funeral if they have one?
Will it be a closed or open casket?
I don't know if I can watch it...
I'm more than a little scared right now

You didn't even cry
My death was no mark on your unsullied conscience
Show a little class
Go along with the act
For a little while
Hold back a smug smile

Let associations rise like a flock of birds from a field
Resentments rub and scathe like burning sand
I'm dead to you now as I have always been
It'd hurt more if there'd ever been anything real between us in the first place

Beautiful things don't ask for attention
Poetic, really, how I disappoint and bore you even now
In the end

Caress my body in the ground
Walk away
Flake Away
Like you want to
Like you always do
Track Name: Placebo
You are my placebo
Lovely little sickness
To contemplate from a hospital bed
To take and hold and dread

You are my placebo
A lonely little hope to fight my anxiety
To keep quiet in my heart
To obsess and coddle in my discontent
My placebo

Lie to me, you had to
I couldn't blame you
Another thought for me to misconstrue
The time together we had was brief, but ever sweet
Melting in my mouth
I got better, thought I got better
When you hung around
I wonder where the real medicine is being testing
See if I can taste a pound

My placebo
Darling, it's time to go
You've done nothing wrong
Served your purpose and led me on
My placebo.
Track Name: Almost Love Song (falling in love is risky)
One part adoration
2 parts infatuation
And if it's love it can wait
I'm still trying to figure out how you taste and

Grown boys make grown girls sad sometimes
Trying to figure out if you're worth mine

Norwegian Wood in the car
Of course, we didn't drive very far
Your voice was high, right in key
I knew you were too good for me

Grown girls make grown girls mad sometimes
You might be worth a little of mine

Your calloused hands wrapped in mine
You laugh at my jokes, it's a sign
And if you're with sharing yourself with me
You'll eventually cure my unhealthy apathy

Grown boys make grown girls happy sometimes
You're obviously worth mine

In all honesty, brutal honesty
You're the first person whose lips I could bite
In all honesty, brutal honesty
Talking to you is better than any nicotine high

Grown boys make grown girls happy sometimes
You're gonna be worth mine
Mine, call you mine.
Track Name: Alright Alright Alright
oh, I masturbate and think about Matthew McConaughey
Quite a lot, I guess the two correlate cuz they happen at the same time
Southern Texan man, gripping his tan brown hands

Alright, alright, alright

oh, I know it isn't ethical to
Dream of messing around with a dude with a wife
Thing is, I think about them both, late at night
3 bodies tangled in a bed
Perverted thoughts running round my head

oh, I gotta step out for a bit
I'm gonna cum
Right in his mouth
Way down south
Darling, when you come home back from filming
What a surprise
Open up my thighs
Sunset eyes

Alright alright alright
Slide it in I'm tight, I don't bite much
Alright alright alright
Track Name: The Big G
Tiny little houses and their small wooden doors
Tinderbox rooms and paper thin walls
Breakable fences and man made ponds
Oh, it feels good to be a giant

Destroying everything in my way
Stepping on people
Hearing a crunch
Gladly eat a whole town for lunch
Humans still scream at the site of me
May I go down in infamy

You see, it's hard to be cleanly when nothings your size!
I'm use to being alone
Some nights I'm satisfied
But I tower over most tall men and taste the sky

Oh it feels good to be a giant destroying everything in my way
No one can tell me what to do
Just wishing I wasn't so blue

Yeah, sometimes they throw things at me
Fire their toy guns
But every scar on my legs has been forcefully dealt with

My mother was a giant, my father was one too
But now I'm not so sure if being so big and tall
Is worth the distaste and hatred of all

But damn!

It's amazing when I kill them!
Rip'em apart limb from limb!
Their futures now unfortunately dim!

It's okay to be lonely
It's okay to be fine with yourself and who you are
Even if you commit a little bit of xenocide before the day is out